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Casey Willax is one of those lifestyle vloggers you can depend on: always finding new places to snowboard, surf, or skate that inspire others to, well, to do the same. You know the saying – if you can’t do it yourself at the moment, nerd out on someone else doing it so you can go later. Shred life is always on the mind. So how fantastic does this adventure Willax took in California’s high Sierra? He and a group of friends that included the Gallardo clan backpack to this special spot to snowboard-skim a mountain lake, often referred to as “The Fountain of Youth.”

“The annual journey to the fountain of youth with the Gallardo family is always a favorite time of the year,” Willax wrote. “Experiencing such incredible energy, with a loving crew of overstoking legends can’t be explained with words!! Hope you guys enjoy this recap. So grateful for this experience, this opportunity, and the ability to snowboard on water in the middle of June! 2022 Fountain of Youth trip begins! Yewww!!”


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