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Barrage of Storms to Pound West Coast With Feet of Snow

More of this please. Photo: Jack Dawe

The Inertia

The first day of official spring was March 19 but Mother Nature doesn’t have time for the human semantic experience. She just wants to continue to pound us with storms. And we’ll take it. According to multiple forecasts, the West Coast is set to be pounded with snow from a barrage of storms, bringing feet of the white stuff to resorts throughout the region. This after the announcement that California’s Sierra had just experienced a second straight season of above average snowpack for the first time 14 years.

“Decent timing and snowfall totals for the Sierra from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning,” wrote our homies at Powderchasers. “One to 1.5 inches of moisture on the western side of the lake should bring 12 plus inches of snow. The crest could approach 2 inches (of moisture), however, this might be confined to areas outside the ski areas. Expect 12-15 inches of new snow for Thursday morning at many Tahoe resorts (medium to medium dense due to winds and warmer conditions initially).

Areas all over the West are already experiencing positive snow totals. Utah’s Snowbasin (in the Ogden area) reported six inches in the last 24 hours. Jackson Hole has logged three inches with more expected.

“Near double digits are possible for Wyoming, Utah, and areas of Western Colorado later this week,” according to Powderchasers. “The action starts on Thursday and drags on into Saturday with snow continuing in the extended. The Rockies generally grab 5-10 with this late-week wave. Persistent snow showers preceding this front on Thursday and showers continuing through the weekend will top the scales into double digits (Thursday to Saturday).”

Powderchasers is also predicting that storm number two will hit the Sierra Friday and Saturday with another foot or more of snow. It sounds as if Mammoth is going to score big time..

Forecasters are calling for unstable weather to continue well into the first week of April with more snow on the way. Meanwhile, coastal areas of Southern California will receive heavy rains over the weekend, triggering flash flood warnings in some areas.

All in all, a lot of moisture coming down the pipe on the West Coast.


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