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Burton Just Dropped a Snowboard Collab With the...Boston Celtics

The Burton and family are apparently big hoops fans.

The Inertia

Yeah, you read that headline right. Burton Snowboards just dropped a rather unexpected collaboration with the Boston Celtics, creating a parquet-style snowboard Larry Bird would shred. The brand introduced the board at the Boston Garden last night when the Celts played the Knicks. Burton rider Zeb Powell was apparently on hand to present friend Jaylen Brown with one of the boards in exchange for a jersey.

At first glance, the collab seems out of left field, er, wait….But maybe it’s not so random.

Burton was of course birthed in New England and the late Jake, wife Donna, and the fam have been season ticket holders at the Garden for nearly 30 years, which of course means employees have probably gotten the trickle down effect for unused seats for that long – making for an office full of Celts fans. Thirty years, that’s some serious history including that nasty Pistons rivalry, some short shorts, some long shorts (then back to short shorts)  – characters like Parish, McHale, Doc Rivers, KG, etc. etc. And, lest we forget, a whole lot of parquet flooring. Parquet flooring that was actually used in the construction of these sticks. Seriously.

“The limited-edition batch of 77 Snowboards, each packaged in a genuine basketball leather board sleeve, were all built at Burton’s headquarters in Burlington, Vermont from the same wood flooring where the Celtics were crowned NBA Champions in 2008,” reads the presser “The parquet is incorporated into the center and sidewalls of these all-terrain Process Snowboards, specially designed to celebrate the Celtics’ 77th season, a number near and dear to Burton’s founder, the late Jake Burton Carpenter, who started the Vermont brand in 1977.”

Lakers fans might want to burn em, Celtics aficionads gonna hang ’em, the rest of us would probably just ride ’em. They look cool, actually.

But they ain’t free. Each board runs $1,300 bucks and is available starting today.


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