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A Canadian woman who was running with her dogs in Manitoba’s Riding Mountain National Park was attacked by a black bear that burst out of the bushes, she says. Erin McKenzie was climbing a hill with her four dogs, according to reports, when the bear came at her, striking her in the face and in the back. The wounds on her back were scratches but her face took the brunt of the attack.

“I really thought I was going to die when the bear was hitting me. That was extremely terrifying. I’ve never been that close to a bear or any kind of predatory animal like that,” McKenzie said. “I think what I’ll just be left with is a pretty ugly-looking scar.”

McKenzie was on the Moon Lake Trail in the national park, which is some 150 miles northwest of Winnipeg.

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Thank you to everyone who has reached out and expressed concern, your words mean a lot to me. I wanted to write to everyone who has asked me questions in one post, so you all can get the full story. I frequent Riding Mountain National Park every day with my dogs, as many of you already know. Yesterday was no different. I took four of my dogs, the fifth dog is very old and sick so he doesn’t run with me anymore. I decided to run around Moon Lake, a 10 km loop trail which I hike every other day or so. I was wearing headphones (mostly to drown out the sound of the bugs, which are horrible right now) and my four dogs were running a couple feet in front of me as we went around the trail. About 4.5 kms in, as I was running up a steep hill, a black bear suddenly came out of the bush onto the trail, about a foot in front of me. The bear was very clearly spooked, as it must not of heard us coming. Instinctively, the bear reacted in fear, striking me in the face with its paw and then again on the back. Everything happened so quickly, my dogs, (who are all okay and unharmed) had just passed the spot where the bear emerged, did not even know what was happening. As soon as I was hit by it’s paw, the bear took off. It was not an aggressive bear and didn’t want to pursue attacking me, it was simply as shocked as I was when we spooked it and reacted in fear. I was obviously scared afterwards, because all I could see was the blood pouring off my face onto the rest of my body, not knowing how bad the cut was freaked me out. I called my brother who calmed me down, and then my mom, who stayed on the phone with me for about 40 minutes as I hiked the last 5 kms back to my car, where my boyfriend met me and drove me to the hospital. The doctors decided not to stitch my face up due to the cut being made by an animal claw, to watch for signs of infection they used skin strips instead. I am okay, all I will have to deal with going forward is a deadly scar across my face. I am so thankful that I didn’t lose my eye or my life yesterday. Thank you all again for the love and support you have shown me. From now on I think I’ll be wearing bear bells when I run/hike in the park ❤️

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