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There’s a reason people like to watch Casey Neistat. Dude is so real. The uber-blogger has done it all: snowboarded from a drone, surfed the East River (okay, he’s been towed on a surfboard, in the East River), and a whole lot more. But plenty of regular old peeps could probably pull that stuff off (if they had the disposable income). But not everyone could pull it off form a personality standpoint.

Neistat just has something people relate to. Like at the end of this edition of his vlog, where he talks about his grandmother dying, which is sad for everyone when that happens. But people who are elderly die. It’s part of life. Neistat makes it relatable by describing the empathy he feels for his mom. Cool stuff. And this relatability shines in most of his shows.

But we digress. On the action front, Neistat, a super-solid snowboarder and surfer, got his arse handed to him on the Boise River, where he tried his hand at river surfing in Idaho. Like most people who try river surfing for the first time, especially in Boise, the victory is in just making a wave. Staying on it and riding the feature is a whole other ball game. But again, the pure stoke Neistat comes away with is magnetic to watch. Which is why he has 10 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.


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