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The Inertia

Now this is a getaway spot. Founders of the running shoe brand, On, created this zero waste hut deep in the Swiss Alps for trail runners and hikers to use as a reprieve. It was built with reflective siding and plywood, using only the most basic materials. It’s also temporary and can be removed at any time (no word yet if it will be available to backcountry riders and skiers in the winter or how to book it). The hut is situated “between the towering Piz Lunghin mountain and stunning Lunghin pass..in an area of Engadin/Bergell,” which is in the eastern Swiss Alps.

Powered using solar panels, the hut sleeps two and is meant to be used as a dedicated stopover for hikers and trail runners who want an overnight stay high up in this alpine valley. Alpine huts are commonplace in Europe and the mountain West of the United States in places like Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. If you’ve purchased a little piece of property lately and are looking to build a structure you can use to stay in without going all in on a full-on home, this might be the call.


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