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Yosemite is a dangerous place. No matter how experienced you are. Hans Florine, who along with author Jayme Moye, literally wrote the book on El Cap when he finished his 101st climb of the face, took a serious whipper this week on the upper reaches of the great Yosemite route after a piece of gear apparently failed, slamming him into a ledge below.

He then cooly went about broadcasting the experience on Instagram and Facebook while he and his climbing partner, Abraham Shreve, worked to get Florine off the climb 2,200 feet above the deck. Florine used mostly pictures at first, then Facebook live and other snippets of video as the incident progressed during one of the most transparent rescue scenarios in recent memory.


The pair started at 6 a.m. on an attempt to climb the route in a single day (most parties do it in three to four). Hans was self belaying at the time of his fall. “I placed a nut in the crack, tested it, waited, then I stood up on it,” he said on one of his live broadcasts on Shreve’s Facebook page. “It popped and it was 32-feet-per-second squared, I accelerated down. A Number One Black Diamond Camalot (camming device) held me. But my heels impacted a triangle ledge before I bungeed upside down another four feet.”


Unfortunately, it was too late for a heli rescue and Florine and Shreve had to position themselves to stay the night on the wall. Once back to civilization, Florine underwent surgery and came away with a broken left ankle and broken right, heel. “All good above the calves,” he wrote.

Basically, the entire process is on social media. And it seems Florine hasn’t lost an ounce of stoke through the whole thing. “Hey y’all! I am out of surgery,” he wrote in a post. “All good. I love climbing. I love the climbing community.”


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