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Donna Carpenter has always been one to take a stand. As Burton CEO, she took a stand on equality in the workplace. In 2018, she and husband Jake took a stand against Trump and his politics. And now, she’s emphatically taken a stand against the rumor mill: specifically the rumor that Burton is for sale for an estimated $800 million dollars.

Carpenter, now the chair of the Burton Board of Directors, denied the Bloomberg report that came out this week citing unnamed sources – and putting out that rather large number as a buyout mark. She posted a picture of herself on her Instagram page sticking up a particular finger in response to the story. “Since the beginning of owning this company, there’s always been rumors about us selling,” she wrote. “So many that one year we made t-shirts that said, ‘Not for sale!’ A recent report came out that we’re for sale. It is 100 percent bullshit. It was for a nice price, but as I’ve always said, we are family-owned and will remain family-owned.”

Bloomberg added a quote from Carpenter after the piece was published but stood by its reporting, leaving the story live. Of course, rumors like this can circle around any company, any time, often distracting employees.  We were able to attain an internal memo that Carpenter sent to Burton employees yesterday.

“About an hour ago, Bloomberg News posted an article titled ‘Snowboard Maker Burton Seeks Sale That Could be Valued at $800 Million,'” she wrote. “I wanted to personally tell you all that Burton is absolutely NOT for sale. …..We have no idea where this rumor came from, but it is completely false.”

Legendary Burton founder, Jake Burton Carpenter, passed away in 2019 after a battle with cancer. 



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