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When you think of trail food, granola bars, raisins and trail mix come to mind. But now there’s a new bar on the block that will let you unleash your inner carnivore, while still getting a fair share of fruits and nuts. The EPIC bar serves up a heaping helping of wild and domestic meats, in the form of a pocket-sized bar.

Featuring high-quality meats, from animals wild and domestic, they’re gluten free, and low in sugar. They also consist of food humans have been eating for time eternal – meat, fruit, nuts, and seeds – reminiscent of the paleo-diet. You have a variety of meats to choose from. Domestic beef, chicken, and pork to bison, deer venison, salmon, wild boar, and just about everything in-between.

They won’t go bad on you, and they are coming from a healthy source. EPIC stands behind the idea that animals should be living in wide-open pastures as nature intended. In fact, they stand along side a few other organizations that advocate for humane treatment of livestock, including Savory Institute, Global Animal Partnership, Certified Humane Project, and Marine Stewardship Council.



These bars really are pretty epic, as the name suggests. They’re perfect for the backcountry trail, making it easy to get you’re meat on, even if you aren’t next to the BBQ.




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