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Spencer Whiting’s (aka Gimbal God’s) follow-cam footage has made him one of the most iconic creators of the snowboarding world. He’s teamed up with many of the sport’s most notable characters and chased after them on some magical lines, pointing a GoPro, and bringing viewers along for the ride.

“Sure, the follow cam has been used plenty in the past on snow, but Spencer has taken it to a new level with his expertise using a GoPro,” The Inertia’s Joe Carberry wrote in 2022. “And riding with his friends helped foster that growth.”

While the imagery and intensity play a huge part in drawing us in, I’d argue Whiting also has a knack for injecting genuine enthusiasm into each clip. You never really see Whiting’s face on camera — he’s either behind the lens or under the one mounted on his helmet — but it’s easy to imagine there’s a smile from one ear to the other through every powder turn.

There’s one specific moment in Gimbal God’s recent season recap that sums that last part up perfectly. The video itself is a 25-minute collection of turns from every corner of the planet and at one point we get to what Whiting calls “one of the best runs of my life.” It’s his first run on a trip to Japan, navigating trees and kicking up fresh snow through every hoot (starting at the 7:55 mark).

“What the fu**,” he yells out once it’s all over. The excitement is infectious. And like most of his footage, it’ll have you counting down the days until the first big storm blesses us next season.


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