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Jess McMillan grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming so when she created the Kings and Queens of Corbet’s, one of the most progressive events in snowsports, she wanted to do right by the town. “There’s so much amazing history here,” she told me (click the little triangle, above).

McMillan runs events and partnerships at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. And she’s lived a pretty amazing life, making her uniquely qualified to run a high-caliber event like Kings and Queens, having won a Freeskiing world title herself during her professional career.

One of the most impressive aspects to McMillan’s (and her team’s) accomplishment in creating Kings and Queens, is the way she’s brought the whole of the freeride community together. Snowboarders and skiers compete on an equal playing field, at the same venue, and are judged equally in one of the most picturesque settings in the world – Corbet’s Couloir.


On The Inertia Podcast, we talk about the event’s incredibly-unique concept, sponsorship pressure, the stress of protecting athletes on contest day and the pure joy when a world-class event goes off in a world-class town.

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