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There’s a lot going wrong with the world. Girl Scouts of America is not one of them. That’s why it was a major bummer to hear the Girl Scouts of Oak Hill, Texas, a suburb of Austin, were burglarized this week as a thief broke into their equipment shed and stole nearly the whole of the camping equipment for the upcoming summer that included tents, stoves and coolers, an estimated $2,000 in gear (those cookies you’re buying are what fund those adventures).


It’d be interesting to see stats on how many lives have been saved by the outings and inspiration offered by Girl Scouts over the years. A 2012 study by Vanderbilt University of 700 Tennessee girls, including three generations of Scouts, found that the entity greatly improves its members sense of self. It’s estimated that nearly 60 million women in the U.S. were once Girl Scouts.


So to be a thief is one thing. To be a low-down, dirty schiester who robbed a Girl Scout group is just next level dick head. Now, understandably, the troop is asking for help from the community.

“The girls really don’t understand why someone would break in and steal all their camping equipment. I think that’s the big question they have. Why would someone do this to Girl Scouts?” asked a perplexed Lolis Garcia-Baab, director of marketing for the Girl Scouts of Central Texas

Apparently, the camping storage unit that was ransacked is used by over a thousand Scouts in southwest Austin.

You can help the group by clicking here.




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