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And the interface is only slightly cheesy.

The Inertia

A new smart phone dating application, which connects outdoors enthusiasts, was recently launched nationwide. The app, LuvByrd, began in Colorado, where it claims to have sparked hundreds of relationships between adventurous souls. It’s now available everywhere, on just about any device – iPhone, Android, and it’s even accessible on its website.

Tent? Check. Ice ax? Check. Kayak? Check. LuvByrd? Double check. Possibly the newest and most important piece of gear for the single outdoor enthusiast, it is Tinder for the adventurer-seeking romantic. Boasting a slightly cheesy interface only a desperate dirtbag could love, the user can choose between the heart icon and the “X” to pick or reject profiles of possible interest, with choices for gender preferences. The main idea of this app is to help singles meet in the environment their most comfortable with, such as shredding the gnar on the mountain, beach, trail, or river. Any first date can be awkward and, okay, maybe even a little bit weird, but with LuvByrd the two singles can be getting to know each other while doing something they both enjoy. So if the date sucks, and the snow is good, no LubByrd friends on a powder day! Still, meeting someone while playing outside is way better than at a bar, restaurant or movie theater. It’s almost surprising an app like this took so long to appear in the dating world.

LuvByrd is free, but there are several feature options that cost a few bucks. For three dollars per month, users can see who’s been peeping on their profiles. Three dollars more allows you a more in-depth look at the people  that have taken a serious interest in you (that actually sounds kinda creepy and it wasn’t supposed to). Ten dollars gives you the whole sha-bang, with different messaging options and all.

One cool thing about LuvByrd is its real effort to bring people together. Which is rad.  LuvByrd is actually encouraging users to put down the phone and meet people in real life. The “Chairlift Speed Dating” event, along with an upcoming summer rafting trip, are real-life outdoor events put on by LuvByrd. They are even creating outdoor events in cities all over the U.S., including Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Portland, Seattle, New York, and Chicago.


I might actually be able to get on board with this, the latest dating hoo-haw in the app-osphere. Let’s be honest, how many times have you ended a relationship because the person just wasn’t adventurous or fun enough? In a world full of technology and short-lived relationships, where honestly, right now, all I want to do is play outside, I might as well give it a shot.


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