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The Inertia

We’ve all been there. Messing with our gloves, dropping them off the lift, leaning over a bit too far, and almost falling as we lunge to catch them. Or maybe drinking something or other on the chair, joking around with friends and the wind comes up? It can happen to the worst of us. I’m not sure how I missed this news over the weekend, but a young teen reportedly took a spill off the chair at Mammoth Mountain.

The video of the fall above was captured by an Instagram user and KTLA ran with the story. According to the resort, a number of skiers and snowboarders tried to help the 16-year-old. In the video, you can see the people on the chair holding on to her as rescuers get into position.

“Five Mammoth Mountain employees and eight guests immediately responded and positioned the deceleration net under the guest,” Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort said in a statement.”The net decelerated her fall, but did not stop it.”

It looks as though the young girl takes a serious hit when she impacts the hard groomed run below the chair. She was reportedly taken to a local hospital. Her name and the nature of her injuries have not been released.


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