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The ‘Seeking Nirvana’ team rarely disappoints. That’s why The Inertia has made it a habit of running the film collective’s series of well-devised ski videos (that mix in the team’s passion for surfing). Why? Because they look good, the music is stellar and the skiing is really fun to watch.

The boys–which include¬†Mike Henitiuk, Joe Schuster, Matt Margetts, and Riley Leboe–recently released Men Who Stare at Sheep, and while we don’t recommend the actual act, we do recommend that you check out the piece on their New Zealand adventures from earlier this year (above), where¬† they scored some good snow and solid lines in the Southern Alps, and a couple of really good swells. And while the surfing isn’t the ultimate in high performance, it still looks fun, and shows off this team’s penchant for dropping really quality vids on one of our favorite subjects: adventure.



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