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San Francisco has always been known for its interesting locals – and the surf scene has historically contributed to that diverse tapestry. But a recent visitor, perhaps a local from just outside the city limits, was an interesting surprise in these interesting times. But like out-of-town-surfers at an empty beach break, the novelty quickly wore off.

The mountain lion was reportedly sleeping in area planter boxes and even seen looking at its reflection in an office tower’s glass windows before officials captured the animal near the San Francisco Giant’s Oracle Park home and started the relocation process. The 50-pound cat (which authorities noted was very disoriented) was captured in the common area of a nearby apartment building last night.

“In 24 hours, it only moved a few blocks. The poor guy really needed some help,” said Deb Campbell, spokeswoman for the city’s Animal Care and Control.


Mountain lions have long roamed the edge of the City by the Bay, often traveling from south of the town in the open spaces along the Pacific Coast Highway. But this is an abnormal situation as the lion was reportedly under two years old, too early to be away from its mother and family. “We never had a mountain lion right in the middle of downtown San Francisco,” Campbell said.

Police sent out warnings on social media telling residents in the area to be aware. The animal is reportedly in the care of Fish and Wildlife and will be relocated.



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