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Among big mountain skiers and snowboarders, Alaska has a certain allure. It’s the place where dreams are realized. Where career-defining video parts are filmed. And where some of the steepest most technical terrain in North America exists in abundance. For those with the stones to partake in its riches, there are few places like it on Earth.

Enter The North Face athletes Nick McNutt, Griffin Post, and Angel Collinson, some of the most adept big mountain skiers on the planet. For the trio, the peaks of AK are highly respected playgrounds – to be enjoyed but equally venerated.

Prior to The North Face’s public launch of its groundbreaking Futurelight technology, the outdoor apparel giant sought feedback first and foremost from its ambassadors. And what better place to test Futurelight’s functionality for skiing and snowboarding than the highly consequential terrain of AK?


Here McNutt, Post, and Collinson drop a few heli-assisted lines in Alaska that are equal-parts dazzling, and terrifying.


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