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Could there be anything better for the NFL than Rob Gronkowski? If you’re a football fan, you know how annoyingly serious the NFL can be. Contracts aren’t fully guaranteed and players are expected to show up for “voluntary” workouts in the spring. What? The No Fun League. That’s all before we remind you that the Gronk played most of his career for the most serious coach in the league (at least in public), Mr. Bill Belichick.

But Rob Gronkowski took the rules and shotgunned them like a can of Bud Light – and that alone should get the man in the Hall of Fame (even though his on-field accomplishments will surely take care of that). That’s why watching Gronk on the slopes is a revelation. We should always be pizza-ing and french frying shirtless and timing ourselves with speed guns (with a clocked speed of 69, every time).

So watch and enjoy as Pit Viper, a classic brand of sunglasses meant for taking life less serious, takes Gronk skiing in Utah. The current Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end apparently started wearing the sunglasses unprovoked and has helped bump the brand’s visibility (more so, perhaps, than the average ski bum). Enjoy!


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