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According to a report in USA Today, Shaun White has reached a settlement with a former bandmate that had filed a lawsuit against the gold medal-winning snowboarder citing sexual harassment. Lena Zawaideh, a former drummer for White’s band, Bad Things, had accused White of making sexually explicit remarks and sending texts that were sexually explicit in nature, among other claims.

White vehemently denied the accusations and USA Today noted several nuances in the case: Zawaideh originally sued the action sports star over breach of contract for failing to pay a retainer she said she was owed during the time she was in the band. The original suit didn’t contain any mention of sexual harassment. According to the report, Zawaideh then changed lawyers and re-filed the suit that included the harassment claim.


Apparently, Zawaideh had also claimed “mental and emotional distress,” and in February, White had filed a request urging the drummer to undergo a mental health evaluation. He then withdrew that request and last week Zawaideh’s attorney filed a “notice of unconditional settlement in the case and requested the case be dismissed.” The terms were not disclosed. The case was set to go to trial in August in San Diego.

White is currently vying to make the 2018 Olympic halfpipe team that will compete in South Korea.



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