Robert “Buddha” Baker, a Jackson Hole Mountain Resort local legend who just became more legendary. Photo: Amy Jimmerson//Jacksonhole.com

The Inertia

This year’s record-breaking Western winter gave many of us a chance for more days on the hill than usual. But Jackson Hole Mountain Resort local Robert “Buddha” Baker took it to the next level, logging an astounding 1,150 tram rides and 4.8 million vertical feet of skiing at the Wyoming mountain this year, according to the resort.

The blog reported that Baker spent 125 days at the resort this season, taking advantage of the jaw-dropping 595 inches of snow that fell during the winter. In a charmingly terse interview with the outlet, Baker claimed the secret to his consistent skiing is to, “drink Red Bull and eat Lucky Charms.”

The 33-year-Jackson Hole veteran almost exclusively rides Jackson’s famous tram, telling Jacksonhole.com that he’d prefer it if Jerry Reed’s “East Bound and Down” constantly played on a loop through the tram’s loudspeakers. He also shared his favorite top-to-bottom run: “Rendezvous Bowl to Wally’s World to Sparky’s Traverse to North Hoback, and then back to the tram.”

a man skis down a hill

Robert “Buddha” Baker on his way to another tram ride. Photo: Amy Jimmerson//Jacksonhole.com

Godspeed, Baker. Here’s hoping you manage to break your record next year. Unlikely, but stranger things have happened.


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