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The Inertia

The Kelly Slater wave pool of the ski world has arrived. An indoor ski training facility in Denver, called SNÖBAHN, houses several revolving-slope machines that will let people ski and snowboard all year round. It doesn’t matter if it’s 20 degrees or 100 outside, these ski-treadmill machines have you covered.

And you can work on style, too. The place has three revolving-slope machines for skiers and snowboarders to practice technique on, all set with mirrors in front of the slopes. There are also several in-house coaches ready to critique and help out athletes who’re looking to improve. Though these machines don’t offer athletes an incredibly dynamic range of motions, they are exceptional in perfecting carving across a slope.

SNÖBAHN’s artificial slopes are pretty insane. The pitch and speed of these machines are adjustable, making the training tool accessible for any user – first-timer to seasoned vet. The machines simulate riding down a mountain, on skis or a snowboard, sort of like a giant treadmill with a unique AstroTurf-type surface. “It’s almost like an AstroTurf material but more compacted,” one SNÖBAHN employee said, “Our slopes are like a huge treadmill. It’s very similar to skiing on snow, but it’s not as forgiving. Which is good because it really helps point out your flaws.”


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