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As you already know, our lives are being shaped by technology on a daily basis. Smartphones are attached to our hips, we are in constant communication with each other, and we instinctively share moments of our lives with the world through the lens of our selfie cameras.

Those of us who live an active lifestyle are often met with a problem, though. These phones aren’t as rugged and waterproof as we are. One minute you may be climbing or rafting, the next you have a shattered or soaking-wet phone. And while you’re sitting there regretting the decision to tote the thing with you through that latest adventure, you’re now facing a hefty tab for repairs or a whole new device that’s just as fragile as the last.

And that’s why a phone company, Blackview, released the BV9000 Pro, which they announced in November of 2017. They claim this is “the ultimate waterproof and rugged phone.” At a price point just above $300, it’s actually much more affordable than most smartphones today.


The BV9000 Pro has IP68-3 rated protection, a rating they claim they are the only smartphone to achieve. To make a long story short, the BV9000 is extremely waterproof, it’s dustproof and shockproof. The protection rating also indicates that it can handle continued immersion in water, apparently up to an hour. The shock resistance of the phone is provided by a solid metal shell that encloses the device, in addition to a screen made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5, a glass with extreme shatterproof capabilities.

For the smartphone geeks just as worried about performance as durability, the BV9000 Pro actually utilizes very advanced technology. The phone uses a high definition screen and dual SONY cameras, which even allow the user to take quality photos at night. Another feature geared to the outdoor enthusiast market is a compass application that comes installed on the phone. The compass has actual gyroscopic capabilities and kind of just adds to the cool factor of this thing.

According to their website, Blackview created this phone with several demographics in mind: the military, the working man, and the outdoor enthusiast. Though I am not a proponent of bringing your phone with you everywhere you go (especially in the great outdoors), I know that luxury could be a game changer for some. I guess I’m just tired of having an expensive phone that breaks in a month because I splashed some water on it while fishing, or because it fell out of my car door.


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