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Southern California Mountains Could Get 8 Feet of Snow This Week

After the storm, the shred could be on. Photo: Big Bear Mountain Resort

The Inertia

When you’re having one, you’re having one and the West is having a helluva winter. Nearly every mountain locale on the left side of the U.S. is seeing significant snowfall this season. Even the Southern California mountains, which this week are predicted to get eight feet of snow in some places in what could be a storm for the history books.

“The San Gabriel’s are definitely going to be getting the highest snow amounts, especially the eastern portion,” Carol Smith, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard told the LA Times yesterday. She added that Mt. Baldy, one of the raddest little resorts in the region could get 96 inches (yep, that’s eight feet of snow). The resort has reportedly shut down this week because of blizzard-like weather. Most areas above 4,000 feet should receive at least two to five feet of the white stuff. This is apparently the first blizzard warning in 30 years for the mountains of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. 

Elsewhere, Big Bear, L.A.’s go-to resort, is reporting more than two feet of snow over the last 48 hours with more on the way. The same goes for Mountain High, although the snow totals there have been less.

This storm event will come with significant wind so roads will be blown over (see icy). That means don’t go unless you’re prepared. Forecasters are calling for winds up to 75 mph in isolated locations so visibility could be nada. The storm is reportedly supposed to apex by the weekend so look for Sunday on to be the most inviting to hit the hills.


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