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Tanner Pendleton is an artist. It shines through in his films, from the soft look of the 16mm, to the angles he captures, to the songs he chooses. Despite a heavy dose of commercial backing, Pendleton’s work has also shone through to the core as brightly as if it were made in his basement. Which may have been the case anyway?

Evergreen, which debuts December 17, will be the culmination of a four-film series Pendleton has stylishly pulled off for Vans – a series that ushered in modern snowboarding with a crew of gifted riders (albeit with widely varied styles) including the star of Pendleton’s Landline Dillon Ojo, who passed away in 2018 and was the impetus for last year’s Together Forever. Furthering his artistic reach and grasp of the era Pendleton helped enhance, the Massachusetts native released Being Green early this year – a gritty photo book that explores the brief but important time he spent working on Landline (and an ode to Ojo and friends).

Watch Lovely Day, Landline, Together Forever and more Vans Snow films, here.


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