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This little gadget is solving one of the biggest problems for action sports enthusiasts who like to listen to music while playing. The Domio, by hearshot inc, lets you listen to your tunes without the use of ear buds, giving you full hearing ability.

This device mounts anywhere on your helmet, and it utilizes micro-vibration audio technology to transfer the sound through your helmet, to your head. It gives the athlete a 360 degree listening experience – kind of like there’s a full-on concert happening inside your helmet.

This thing is only about the size of a hockey puck, and it is totally wireless. No more having to deal with wires running through your ski jacket, or getting tangled up when you ride.


A big issue with ear buds, is that they hinder your ability to hear what’s happening in your surroundings. This can be a huge handicap in whatever it is you are doing, not to mention it can be pretty dangerous. Especially on a crowded slope, or a skate park. This thing can be used in just about any sport that you SHOULD have a helmet on, while doing.

This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this, but it looks like a pretty sweet gizmo. Who knows if it will end up killing brain cells, or causing some sort of health issues? My guess is probably not, due to the fact that all it is really doing is vibrating. But I do know one thing – I want to try this thing out ASAP.

Check out this video, announcing the new gadget:



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