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Solid park sesh, no lift ticket needed. #FuckVailResorts

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David Lesh, former pro skier, founder of Virtika Outerwear, has a history for playing it close to the edge. He’s released commercials that tested political correctness for his ski clothing company, train hopped around the country while posing as a transient, and his plane crash last August off the Half Moon Bay coast was investigated by the Federal Aviation Commission – which looked into whether he stalled the plane on purpose as a stunt before it plummeted into the water.

Now, Lesh finds himself in trouble again for poaching the closed terrain park at Colorado’s Keystone Resort with his snowmobile during the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown (above). “Keystone Resort is currently closed to the public, and any violation of this closure is considered trespassing,” Keystone spokeswomen Loryn Roberson wrote in an email to the Vail Daily. “Trespassing is a crime, and we are currently working with our law enforcement partners. Violations such as this can also result in a loss of future skiing and riding privileges.”

Lesh, whose off-color marketing resonates with many in the snow community, faces possible trespassing charges, being in violation of Colorado’s public health order, and the Ski Safety Act, which carries a $1,000 fine on its own, according to the paper. Lesh is definitely looking uphill at thousands of dollars in legal fees at the moment.



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