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There is nothing, and we repeat nothing,
like California’s Sierra Nevada. From the pure wilderness that spans 400 miles in length and 80 miles at its widest, to the incredible granite monoliths that frame the majestic peaks of one of the West’s premiere mountain ranges. And about the granite, which, aside from being a boon to climbers, also happens to form some of the best multi-day whitewater kayaking on the planet. The Middle Kings, Fantasy Falls, the Royal Gorge, just a few of the gems. And then there’s Upper Cherry Creek, part of the mighty Tuolumne drainage in the northern part of the range. Whitewater kayakers must hike their boats 11 miles to reach this classic that takes two full days to run. The Facebook page Quebec Connection (obviously not from California) posted this tribute to Cherry Creek, which on its own is a tribute to the great Sierra Nevada.


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