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The Inertia

Unless you had your head buried in deep sand, you probably heard about the massive storm that blanketed the West with much-needed snow last week. In Utah, many forecasters were calling for up to 100 inches to fall. And when snow comes down in the Wasatch, let’s just put it this way: that shit is special. The steep terrain and the deep, cold smoke make for some of the best powder riding on Earth. An often-spiritual experience for those who’ve partaken.

Well, the storm didn’t quite live up to the billing. But it was damn close. Little Cottonwood Canyon reported more than 80 inches during the cycle, and other mountains were close as well with Brighton receiving 62 inches in seven days, and Powder Mountain, on the Ogden side, reporting just under 70. It was a big week. That’s why I hit up talented Salt Lake-based photographer Jack Dawe to follow around some of his homies and document the action as snowpack averages skyrocketed across the state in the last two weeks.

“This storm really kicked off the winter in Northern Utah, totaling around seven feet in some areas of the Wasatch,” Jack told me. “December was looking pretty bleak in terms of snowfall so it was reassuring to get a significant storm to help with our snowpack. We were spoiled in Utah, with record-breaking snowfall last season, so it was nice to get back into the type of conditions we had become accustomed to.”

I’d say spoiled rotten as compared to many parts of the U.S. Yes, Jack captured the spirit of the Wasatch during a storm cycle in epic fashion. From stylish pow slashing, to fun side-hits, to parking lot culture, there’s a reason the region’s snow is lauded the world over. Jack’s photos have a simple quality to them – with most resonating one distinct thought: “Wish you were here.”


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