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Perhaps you’ve heard of GoPro’s Million Dollar Challenge? It’s a video contest (and marketing program). Forty-five winners split the $ 1 million. Wingsuiters seem to be winning this day: Andy Lewis and Ben “Dicko” Dixon, who won their part of the pie with this cut of Dixon flying through a 15 by 15-foot net target suspended over a 400-foot canyon near Moab, Utah.

“That was insaaaaane,” says Lewis, also known as Sketchy Andy, as Dixon flies through the net. It is absolutely crazy to see how much speed the wingsuiter is carrying before he pulls his shoot. Dixon actually has to release from a parachute he apparently used to jump out of plane, then wingsuits through the target before releasing a second chute. If this is what it takes to win GoPro’s vid contest, it only goes to surmise that this might seriously decrease entries.


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