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Surachai Puthikulangkura, illustrator and designer, is creating powerful images depicting the detrimental effects of human abuse on the environment through natural resource extraction. Puthikulangkura works with a variety of organizations and publications to present beautiful art with a stunning message that certainly hits home, one reason his art works so well.

Puthikulangkura designs compelling pieces that give a voice to our planet and all the creatures we share it with. His series, titled “Destroying Nature is Destroying Life”, displays the collapse of several wildlife habitats, shown within the silhouettes of animals that are losing their homes, as well as their lives. It emphasizes the consequences of deforestation, agriculture, industrialization, and the over-cultivation of natural resources. Puthikulangkura created this series by teaming with Grabarz and Partner agency in support of a campaign by the Robin Wood foundation.

Hearing about how our actions can impact the environment is one thing. Seeing the devastation as such a cumulative image truly ties together the cause and effects, through an intense visual medium.




The artist’s series of images, titled “Tiger/Shark/Rhino”, seems to propose an answer to the issue of poaching and exploitation of wildlife. Each bares the phrase “Stop one. Stop them all.”


If we can erase the demand for the harvesting of these species, then the opportunities to profiteer off these animals will crumble. Puthikulangkura created this particular series of images in partner with the World Wildlife Fund.

Conservation of our planet, along with everything living on it, is an issue that has waited far too long to be resolved. Thankfully there are organizations, around the world, full of people working extremely hard to reduce exploitation of our environment and animals being harvested illegally for profit. Let Puthikulangkura’s art be food for thought: It’s bound to provoke the realization that conservation is a topic that needs to be addressed. In every way that we live.


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