The Inertia

My recent public art installation–When the Beach Met the Bay–a mosaic composed of approximately 25,000 plastic caps is permanently installed on a public wall in Long Beach, New York.

The mosaic is a triumphant allusion to the night of Hurricane Sandy, “when the beach met the bay” in the west end of Long Beach, NY. The water rose so high that every house in our town was submerged in at least four feet of water. We are still struggling to recover.

When the Beach Met the Bay is composed of approximately 25,000 plastic caps that were collected by the youth of Long Beach in only one month’s time. The mosaic itself was created in a rigorous 30 day window by a small team of committed assistants under my guidance. For 12 hours a day, 30 days straight, we strategically placed, drilled and riveted 25,000 plastic caps one by one into galvanized steel panels to be permanently installed for public display.


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