I have been asked to show my art at the amazing Greenroom Festival in Japan and I’m asking for your help to get me and my art onto a plane and over to Tokyo. I found out about this opportunity very last minute, I leave in less than a week, and I haven’t exactly had time to pinch my pennies saving up for it. I figured a decent way to earn some extra money would be sell some original paintings and
limited edition prints.

In celebration of this momentous trip, I have created a limited edition print of my “Surf Spot” art. It is my nod to the Japanese flag and surfing in Japan.

I am also offering original watercolor paintings from my new “Watercraft” series.

Of course you can also buy any of my open edition prints to help out as well.


If your wallet is a little light, I am selling Desktop Wallpaper downloads of the Japan Surf Spot print as well as a few other art pieces.

And lastly, if nothing else, please tell your friends, post on Facebook. Tweet. Yell from the highest hill. Do whatever feels right, but please let people know about my art and my trip.

You can purchase these art pieces via my Etsy store or contact me directly.

Thanks for your support,



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