The Inertia

Matt Allen Surf Artist

Matt Allen is a multi-faceted artist from Orange County, California. With a list of titles ranging from creative director/artist/photographer/clothing designer/musician/surfer, Allen takes whatever creative pursuit that strikes his fancy and dives in head-first. Matthew spent time as the Art Director at Surfer Magazine and now focuses on his clothing project The Ryde. Injuries kept him out of the water last year, so he turned to photography to stay creative and connected to the sea.

Allen’s clothing company, The Ryde, allows him to combine all of his passions. On a good day, Allen can draw t-shirt designs in the morning, surf at lunch, snap a few photos after he exits the water, head back to the office to design some boardshorts, and goof around on the guitar when he gets home at night. View more of Matt Allen’s work at


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