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Personally, coastal lads making coastal driven tunes is right up my alley. This is why when I first heard Jack The Fox ring through my ears I felt as though they knew me. Hailing from the South West of Victoria, as I do, obviously helped. However, the ease of their harmony and the soulfulness dripping off every syllable echoes in my mind. They have only released the single, “Brother,” which has received acclaim from those in the industry as well as their new following of fans.


Angus Robb and Justin Lewis originally started Jack The Fox through an old schoolmate’s university project. It has since bloomed through concerted effort, as well as an ethereal approach to the creation of their unique sound.

“Songwriting has always been an organic process for us based whatever we are feeling at the time,” as they explain the creative process. “Generally just sitting in a room and bouncing ideas off one another is enough to start a song, in a way the songs are already there we just have to bring them to life”.

With over 1.5million hits on Spotify alone and more across other platforms, it seems that Jack The Fox is destined for big things. It’s pretty great work from a couple of surfers making music from the coast they have long called home.


Have a listen and feel the oceanic influence rush through you.

Editor’s Note: You can check out Jack the Fox’s website here, and find them on Spotify here.


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