The Inertia

Recently, I had a chat with Banana Gun, the alternative jazz, rock, blues, indie band, following their show with The Babe Rainbow and Parsnip in Melbourne. I was taken into another wicked dimension when they played and was interested to hear what makes them tick. I am always keen to see what inspires bands like these and learn what brought them to music in the first place. The five-piece band has recently jumped onto the scene with their freakadelic sounds, which have been nothing but sweet tunes to my ears.

Here are some highlights from our chat:

Where did the name originate from, do you like eating bananas or something?

Bananas are our cosmic pistol and we fire bullets of vitamin B



How long have you been together?

16 cycles

How would you describe the music you play?

Bits and pieces from and trans-continental flavors. We like a lot of Brazilian, Afrobeat kinda ballpark.

So how did you all get started? 

we started as a three-piece – Jimi, Stella, and myself – but we wanted more percussion and color, so we gradually got Jack and Luki in the fold and now it’s freakadelic

Favorite venue to play?

It’s yet to arrive.

Fave 80’s song?

Bowie stuff.

Advice for up and coming musicians?

Don’t worry about getting a job. Do what’s right.