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At 15 years old, $20 for a day of doing what you want to do is not only a good “wage,” but a damn convincing argument for what you should attempt to do as a profession for the rest of your life. And that is basically how Philadelphia native G. Love, then known simply as Garrett Dutton, realized he could make a living being a musician.

The musician-surfer cut his newest album Sugar in Hollywood with Brushfire Records, reuniting the original trio from G. Love & Special Sauce, who recorded their first track in 1994. Throughout his career, G. Love has been inspired by his surroundings, from books to a homeless person’s ramble in the streets — and for him that is the power of music. That is also the power of surf, which Garrett (to his enjoyment) has had an opportunity to do more and more of over the past 10 years.

“Happiness is doing what you love, and what I love is music,” says Dutton. Sounds simple enough.

A big thank you to G. Love and Brushfire Records for jamming out our rooftop relaunch party back in early April. It was a really, really awesome time.

G. Love, surfer, musician, American. Photo: Isaac Zoller

G. Love, surfer, musician, American. Photo: Isaac Zoller


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