Photo: Jeremy Bishop //Unsplash

The Inertia

the weary burnt orange moon crashes out into the sea
an invigorated almond yellow sun rises from the sleeping land
azure green concentric lines bend in procession toward the shoreline
becoming wedging peaks, they pitch and peel across the flawless sandbar

warm dry offshore winds guide natives to their saltwater playground
a brief respite of cerebral preparedness convenes at the water’s edge
the moderately challenging paddle out builds the mounting stoke
the vast lineup abounds with opportunities for soul restoration

the warmth of the water and air creates a realm of serene well-being
the clarity and translucency of the surface seems a depthless mirror of splendor
a calm between sets lulls the congregation into a placid state of mindfulness
the mood an eager high-spiritedness for the brilliance to come

darkened bumps out the back, cause frantic positioning for the arriving swells
stroking underneath and into a shifting peak, bottom dropping out as feet dig in
the euphoric weightless adrenaline-filled glide seemingly effortless
the reflective paddle back out, an endorphin-filled moment of existential bliss


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