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The Inertia

You’ve seen some toes on the nose, but you probably haven’t seen a rose on the nose. Frankie Seely is a born and bred First Point Malibu girl, known to plenty of people in California’s surf scene. A local artist once even memorialized her unmistakable noserides with a vibrantly colored mural on the wall of the Malibu Creek shopping center, directly across from that iconic wave at Surfrider Beach.

Outside of the lineup, Frankie is an accomplished young woman. A student pursuing an astrophysics degree at UCSD, she’s also an artist who experiments with performance art. And that’s what led us to the roseriding idea. It’s a ridiculous but oddly satisfying spoof on longboarding’s ultimate move, but it also created an arresting visual for water photography – Frankie walking to the nose, placing her feet on the end of her board, and setting a beautiful orange rose down. The orange rose, cut by Frankie in her home garden in Topanga, stands for desire, enthusiasm, and passion. So while the roseride/noseride is an easy play on words, I really can’t think of a better symbol to represent one of Malibu’s best.


You can see more awesome noseriding and performance art on Instagram thanks to Francesca Seely, and find more from the filmmaker, Beth O’Rourke.


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