The Inertia

I loved listening to G. Love and Special Sauce when I was in college. I still do. I enjoy frontman Garrett Dutton’s laid back vibe, the way he uses unexpected combinations from different genres like blues, R&B, and jazz in his songs. I especially love that 20 years later he’s still releasing new albums and touring all over the world.

Garrett is serious about his craft. He started playing music at age eight. Before every show, he works with a vocal coach, says a mantra he wrote, and has a process for writing songs and performing in front of an audience that’s motivating for any person wanting to make a living out of their creativity.

Aside from being a master at his craft, Garrett’s a passionate ocean lover and a father of two boys. Inspiration for songs often comes while he’s in the water or with his kids surfing.  But he also has some funny thoughts on his relationship to surfing and what it means to him.


“Surfing is misery because it’s like falling in love with someone who will never love you the same way you love them,” he says.

He has a positive attitude about life, and always wants to stay open to the world, especially to adventures and experiences that could become songs. He balances busy life on the road with spending time with his family in the outdoors with grace and style. Most of all, he aims to spread love and help make the world a better place through his songs.

In addition to talking to me about his sustained career in music, we talked about how others can make a living following their passion, and he shared some tunes at the end.


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