The Inertia

Sometimes it takes a negative to create a positive. I’ve always been a creative person, but when life got in the way, my artwork fell to the wayside. It moved behind work, family and trying to sneak in a surf wherever possible. But when I suffered a serious knee injury last year, everything changed. Now unable to work or surf, I found I had the time to reconnect with my art. Finishing pieces that had been left half-finished for months, and starting multiple new pieces, I was able to mindsurf through the dreamscapes I was creating. Art shows and commissioned work followed, and I am now able to create art on a consistent basis. Now my work is sold in the USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Europe.

My art been describes as “capturing the emotion and memories of moments in surfing” and I try to create the feeling I get from surfing in my artworks using vibrant colors and stylized characters.

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