Time to get the uke on! Photo: Kala Brand Music

The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This piece is sponsored by Kala Brand Music

It’s official. My love for music is alive and well. I had a chance to test-drive the world’s bestselling uke (although, I must admit, I’m a total beginner), but from now on, I’m taking one of these babies with me on every beach outing. Before I reason further, hear me out.

Playing a musical instrument throughout the grueling teenage years was a big no-no for me. As a matter of fact, it was degrading, especially if you whipped out a handy, dandy violin for your class talent show. (Don’t judge me. My mother forced me into it.) I played the violin for fifteen years and hated it, sacrificing the precious, final spot in the cool group for the first chair in our orchestra.

Over the years, I’d spend more and more time away from my violin and closer to the “cooler” activities, like riding my dirt bike, bodysurfing with friends, and baseball. Chicks seemed to dig that lifestyle far more than when I’d nail Minuet #1 by Bach. I switched out the violin-playing, tuxedo- wearing, chapel-performing adult-approved lifestyle for a more dissident one that involved boardshorts and (hopefully) more girls’ phone numbers. I quit the violin at the age of eighteen, for obvious reasons.


Times changed when I set foot onto my first college campus. I quickly learned that playing an instrument actually was a so-called “perk” in the adult life. A resume-builder, a bonfire surprise, if you will. It was a hidden talent that gals seemed to have developed a newfound appreciation for; it was somewhat badass and funny. And now, I lacked it.

After abandoning the violin, I didn’t play anything until I graduated college, which was last week. Luckily, my musical background somehow snuck up behind me a few days ago, offering me one last chance, because I was tasked with tickling the ukulele for work.

I walked out of The Inertia HQ with an absolutely stunning Uke from Kala Brand Music and promised myself to give it one last go around. My music reading capabilities (should) come back from muscle memory, so I signed up for a lesson at my local Guitar Center just this Monday. I’m already channeling Iz.

I’d always thought about getting back into an instrument, but never got around to it. Last night, I perched up on my roof, uke in hand, and just toyed around on theKA-15S, which, coincidentally, is the world’s best-selling ukulele, and all felt right. I was somewhere over the rainbow with a few quick strums. And for you traditionalists out there, the KA-15S has a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, you’ll appreciate this one. It’s a looker.

Learn more about Kala Brand Music here. Their guitars and ukuleles are reasonably priced, with the KA-15S retailing at $78.99.


Editor’s Note: This piece is sponsored by Kala Brand Music

This is the world’s best-selling ukulele. And I’m using it. Photo: Kala Brand Music.


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