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The Inertia

It’s always difficult to write about a person who inspires you. You’ve heard about her work before. Now you can see her for her salty self. She lives a day at a time, not needing the approval of others. She follows her dreams and builds her own future.

“A free spirit, an adventurous woman, and a soul surfer.”  this is how we describe Lisa at The Outside Crowd.  She started surfing at the age of 14, inspired by a tv show. From that moment on, she defied the odds. She was a girl with a surfboard in a time when few had seen such a thing. Lisa knew she had found her way and decided to live closer to the sea, her source of strength, power, and balance.

Today, the sea is still a place she respects and loves, helping her whenever she seems to need it most. It’s an endless bond that calms her when things get rough.

As an artist, drawing is a way of expression. It’s a tool she uses when she’s being thoughtful and to answer her own questions. She is thankful for her freedom, her work, her home, her friends, and her family.

“Yesterday you thought of today. Today you think of tomorrow,” she says. “You’re always postponing happiness for a better moment, but happiness is now.”


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