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The Inertia

We’ve all heard, understand, and appreciate the notion that no two waves are alike. For many of us, it’s one of the sentiments we draw upon to elaborate on why and how we get so obsessed with riding them in the first place. And there’s probably no other type of wave that throws this idea right back in our face harder than violent, thrashing, wompy, but oh-so-beautiful slabs.

“This wave really encompasses the definition of a photograph,” says photographer Greg Rabejac. “It shows something that ordinarily is invisible to the naked eye and which, in addition, will disappear in a matter of seconds.”

Rabejac regularly photographs one particular wave in the southwest of France because he’s infatuated with the idea that each wave is its own sculpture. And each frame he captures is an entirely different work of ephemeral art.


“The wave has its own characteristics; the texture, form, substance, colors, are just incredible and unique compared to a classic surf wave.”




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