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A friend of mine recently suggested I check out a band called FIDLAR. FIDLAR is an acronym for “Fuck It, Dog. Life’s a Risk.”

So…they’re right about that, and my friend was right, too. Because I think that’s funny, and, as he anticipated, I liked them – especially after watching a few of their gingery, DIY-ish, ’90s feeling videos. They’ve got that summery-youth-angst-throwback-surf-rock-feel dialed, and had we known about them a month ago, they surely would have made our Summer Surf Playlist. (Apologies, fellas). Most song names are actually direct references to surfing (Max Can’t Surf, No Waves, etc…) .

Some highlights include:


Max can’t surf. (He’s got no balance.)
“I don’t pay my bills, ‘cuz I don’t think it’s necessary.”
Having a band image of 4 skinny red-haired dudes – even if it’s not real.

In the meantime, enjoy some surfy, punky irreverence via FIDLAR. Then heed the call. Take a risk today. – Zach

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