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This edition of Listen Up! is brought to you by The Inertia’s Associate Editor Alexander Haro:

Mariachi music is a funny thing for me. It makes me so happy I almost get sad. It’s probably something to do with the memories it invokes: glass bottle cokes sweating in the sun, that sting under your eyes when you’ve been out in the water all day, that slightly sticky, incredibly uncomfortably comfortable way your t-shirt sticks to the salt on your skin, the feeling of cold sheets on sunburned skin.

After drinking too much tequila in the middle of the afternoon a couple of days ago, I found myself in a nostalgia-filled moment. I googled “greatest Mariachi bands” to see what would show up. Among the few legitimate Spanish ones, Mariachi El Bronx popped up. I feel like if Sublime’s Bradley Nowell were to have started a Mariachi band, this would be it.


I’m currently in the proccess of trying to make myself sick of Mariachi El Bronx. So far, it’s not working.

-Alexander Haro, Associate Editor

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