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The Inertia

Some people are just born with a salty soul. They love to create. Lisa Marque, a French-born artist who grew up in Portugal is one of those crazy creative humans. It’s been an incredible journey to follow her path in becoming one of the most talented artists I know. But she’s not doing it for fame or fortune. Lisa’s art serves quite a noble purpose.

When I first met Lizzy she was running an alternative surf brand with friends called the Chicama Movement. They were producing clothing on a small scale—just for friends and family. The hand-made product exclusively featured designs from various local artists, and it aimed to hold an approach that was environmental conscience and linked to the cult of nature. She envisioned the pieces, created, produced, and drew the whole branding from scratch.

Lizzy’s iconography is based on what inspires her: the sea and the characters that mirror her spiritual side. “Surfing is my way to a higher consciousness,” said Lisa. “It’s a way of being understanding of all things, because it allows a state of serenity and presence that makes me see everything else later.” Her art can be characterized by vintage, authentic, elongated movements, tribal patterns, minimalism, symbolism, detailed mandalas, eyes, triangles, the influence of Mehndi paintings, ancient cultures, Rockabilly, and Sailor Jerry.

The more I got to know Lizzy, the more it became apparent that she believed in the power of surfing as a tool for positive change. When I came up the idea of MY Destiny, Lisa assumed the role of the designer of the whole project. Recently, the team went to India with a purpose: to empower young girls and women from rural villages. There we visited the Asha Kiran Orphanage and worked with the women from Puri to encourage surfing and art as means to community building and the empowerment of women.

See more of Lizzy’s art on her website and Instagram.


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