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Does a bear shit in the woods? Do your co-workers keep eating your noosa? Did Bill Clinton have “sexual affairs” in the Oval Office? Yup. Yes. Yep. That is how unsurprising it is that a festival-goer hang glided to Burning Man. We’re in the realm of poor office politics and overly ambitious interns. No brainers, really.

Don’t get us wrong: hang gliding 70 miles anywhere is outrageous; we’re simply not impressed that it was to Burning Man. And while he seems a cool dude… Burning Man? Did he have to aim for Burning Man?

Admittedly, we’ve never been, but we’re under the impression that Burners are a that special breed of radicals/rich people who ingest Prius-loads of hallucinogens along with an extra helping of malignant narcism before solving all the world’s problems. Then they bury the answers and return to the movie sets and tech headquarters from which they came. There was a past when it was perhaps less contrived and more avante-garde — like when it was held at Baker Beach in San Francisco, or the early years of its residency in Black Rock Desert — but celebrities dressed in the wardrobe for Mad Max and riding Segways are a glowing signal (at least to us) that the festival might have gone a little off-brand.

But let us not detract from Kurtis Carter and his accomplishment. After all, it is about the journey, not the destination. And the journey looked badass.



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