The Inertia

It’s a bright sunny weekend morning, the weather looks perfect for a paddle out. There’s just one very minor problem, though. The swell that was blowing through town yesterday has died off. Well, no matter. We can surf on the pavement or even on grass. I just need some dough to swap out my wheels and bearings and we are in business. Luckily, I know my surf buddy has a piggy bank somewhere in his backseat. If we can just dig it out among all the old wetties and shorts, I think we’ll be good to go. Let’s grab some new wheels and hoon it around town.

Editor’s Note: Sammi Kim is a filmmaker based in Auckland, New Zealand. ‘New Wheels’ by Surf Friends, is a music video about how an off day can be just as epic as a swell day. No Surf? No Problem! 



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