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If you’re looking to put the ocean in your living room, this is probably the closest you could come to doing just that. Photo: Jared Davis/Etsy

The Inertia

You’ve no doubt seen some of the many beautiful hard-bound photo books on the market that are collections of the greatest snaps by some of the best photogs in the biz designed to (among other things) totally beautify your coffee table. If we could, may we call out Chris Burkard’s latest as an example?

But here’s a thought. What if your coffee table was the coffee table book. Or, more to the point, what if your table were made with one-of-a-kind resin art that resembled an aerial lineup shot straight out of a coffee table book? If you’ve got an extra $2,200 bucks lying around, you may consider this reclaimed wood table crafted by Jared Davis in Boaz, Alabama. For the rest of us, we’ll just ogle for a while.

According to Davis’ description of the table on Etsy, the piece is made from reclaimed walnut, and the aerial ocean scene is done entirely out of resin.

“The full circle of nature coming together,” writes Davis. “Ocean meets wood meets steel.”

If the illusion of the ocean lapping up against your coffee mug in the morning is something you desire, this little table fits the bill.

Check out all the angles here:

Ooh! Live edge! Photo: Jared Davis/Etsy

Can you smell the salty air? Photo: Jared Davis/Etsy

Just stunning. Photo: Jared Davis/Etsy

See more beautiful wood and resin work from Jared Davis here.


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