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Rob Machado

Photo: Todd Glaser/

I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world my entire life, and I’ve always taken cameras. When I come home from trips I’d get my photos developed, but I’d always end up putting them in a box because as soon as they’d get developed I’d have to head out on another trip. This year, I’ve finally dug into that box and pulled out all my favorite moments. Some of these photos were taken all over the world: Tahiti, Costa Rica…but a lot of those moments are also photos near my home in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, too. Some people might think it’s hard to get inspired when you’re at home because it’s the same views you see all the time, but I still do. We have some amazing sunsets here. It’s a beautiful place.

On May 5th, I’ll launch my photography at an art, furniture gallery and gift boutique in Encinitas, California called Bliss 101. I’d visited this space before and seen friends’ art up on the walls, so it’s really cool to have some of my images up on Bliss 101’s walls, too. I like what Bliss represents, supporting local artists and sustainable, recycled products. This ties into the philosophy of my foundation, and since a percentage of the sales of my photography carried at Bliss 101 will benefit the foundation, it makes sense for everyone.

Check out Rob’s photography at Bliss 101 on May 5th and learn more about Rob’s Foundation here.


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